Financial Review

As a financial planning business, we are focussed on helping you understand and plan for your financial future. By working with you we aim to have a full understanding of your current financial position, your objectives and identified needs.

This enables us to provide suitable solutions for your needs, providing you with clear financial direction aimed at maximising the opportunities for achieving your objectives.

We are committed to treating all of our clients in an open and fair manner.

Your Obligations

It is important that you provide us with the information we request about your circumstances and objectives to allow us to provide you with the appropriate advice and services. It is also important that you do not unreasonably withhold any information. All advice that we provide will be based on the information you provide.

If you specifically instruct us that you do not wish to discuss a particular area of financial planning, and that area should not form part of the advice given, this will be treated as ‘limited advice’. As limited advice, our standard financial planning review stages (see below) will be followed but we will exclude any areas you have requested us to do so.

You must be aware that if you limit the information provided, this may detract from the completeness of the advice given, and that any information not disclosed could affect how appropriate that advice is to your circumstances.